From Pallet Wood To An Off Grid Cabin.

If you are into DIY, you very well know how useful and recyclable wood pallets are. They are also cheap and sometimes, you can get them for free. You can turn them into tables, chairs, and even beds with a bit of woodworking skills and a lot of imagination. The possibilities are unlimited.

But if you want to go more ambitious, why not build your own cabin in the woods using only scrap wood pallets? Most people who have gone tired of the modern world just want to have a reclusive life in the forest and get off the grid. Here’s your chance.

In this video, the authors will show you how to build a cabin from scratch using only pallet wood. It’s a bit long one but very comprehensive and you will see how the whole cabin is built from the ground up. You still don’t believe it can be done? Watch this.

Image source: TA Outdoors

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